20 July 2014

Random Rambling: Being Selfish

So the last few weeks I have been going through a detox of sorts. Lots of brainstorming, lots of interesting conversations, lots of meditating and lots of alone time. School is starting again next month and I need to get my mind right.

On another note, I had a conversation with someone recently on the topic of being selfish in a relationship. She was telling me about a relationship that she is in is failing and that the reason was because of selfishness. Now, I am the last person to give advice, but it really got me thinking. There are definitely levels to the selfishness that one could/should have. And I do believe that you should always take care of yourself first, but when it gets to the level that its always you and what you want above everyone else (especially when your in a relationship)…you only end up hurting yourself.

So what did I say to her? I told her to do what's best for her. Life really is too short to be miserable. The most valuable thing you have is your time and you shouldn't waste it. You can always go out and make money, but your time? You can't get that back.

09 July 2014

Hair Banding Natural Hair | Mini Review: Alikay Naturals & Lotta Body

So I have been natural for a long time and this past year I have really been on a kick to take better care of my hair and I have noticed something finally, because it is growing and I have been able to retain some length. One of the things that I have been doing in order to achieve that is by stretching my hair. If I don't stretch it, my hair is prone to get tangled and I end up loosing a lot in the detangle process so I try to make it a habit to stretch my hair in some way. Most of the time it ends up being a bun or a twist out. Even though twists outs would be better for my hair because I wouldn't be pulling it back as much, I really just don't care for it. Number 1: I have a big *** head. And number 2: my hair is fine and thin and it just looks like its on a struggle mission at all times IMO. It lacks volume and then when I try to fluff it out it looks stringy and that never looks good. Anyways, I am on a mission to accept my hair as it is and finding out what works for best for me. Last week while surfing around on YouTube I saw a video on hair banding and I decided to try it out because it looked easy enough. Now, don't get me wrong, I like my results (sort of….ok I'm trying! I will love my hair!), but it was a little time consuming for me. I think I will do it again, but next time do bigger sections so it doesn't take as long to complete. I got the same results as I do from my twist outs, but the big difference was that my hair was a lot more straight than the twist outs (I like) and I had a little more length. So its already a winner. It just takes too long to do! No worries though, I will find a way to make it work for my lazy schedule.

As for the products I used for my hair I used my Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave in, then the Lotta Body Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk, followed by the Alikay Naturals Creme Brulee mixed with some avocado oil and finally the green Eco Styler to set it. When I took my hair out of the bands my hair was (and still is) super soft and most importantly, NOT flaky. Gosh, I hate flakes!!!

I got the Lotta Body product from my We Are Onyx June Box and its my first time using it so the jury is still out on that one. So far, I really like that its not heavy at all and isn't too greasy. And it didn't flake up considering I used some products from different lines with it. The Alikay Naturals products I have been using for the last month and I don't know…they are not heavy in the least, but they do smell absolutely amazing. I still feel like I cannot use them by themselves and I need an additional moisturizer with them (I added oil). I know she has more products with her line that I could have bought, but see the way my bank account is set up….yeah…. I just bought what everyone keeps raving about. Maybe next time I will get a different product from her line and see what thats about.

Pics are below!!!!
BTW---I banded my hair on freshly washed and damp hair.
Thats me all day! LOL

08 July 2014

Cooking With Jessica Rae: Busted Cookie Edition!!! | Ruby: Modified German Poodle Cut

So I wasn't even going to post this after how the cookies turned out, but you know what!? Screw it. You live and you learn and one thing I learned is not to listen to Walmart when they give you a recipe for coconut macaroons. I mean seriously, they came out not pretty. Like, not at all. They still tasted good, but its all in the presentation. And I promise I followed the directions. It was kind of like making sugar cookies except instead of adding flour you added coconut. I think that is what was missing anyways because a lot of recipes that I looked at after my busted cookies had flour in it and it makes sense. Anyways, here you go!!!

PS--Dont try this at home, and whatever you do, do NOT use the recipe on the back of the bag of coconut you get from Walmart! I did not include the instruction because as you will see below they didn't come out so good. I ended up throwing them out. :(

Vanilla extract

I used this to grease the pan I was using to cook the cookies on

All done and ready to go in the oven

WTH!?!? Um no ma'am!! 

On a lighter note I realized I haven't shared any photos of Ruby in a while. Right now she is currently rocking a modified German Poodle Cut. Its too hot and she is so miserable with all the hair so I decided to spare her and cut most of it off. I will probably cut it short again one more time towards August and then let it grow out again. I still have some hope she will lose her puppy coat, but we shall see. If you are interested to know, I used a #4 on the body, #10 on the ears, face and at the base of her tail, and scissored the top knot short. Very simple!


After! Mama's baby!

05 July 2014

Happy 4th!! | Random Rambling

So right now I am trying to fight the sickness! I thought I was just jet lagged from my trip, but now I think my body has been fighting not to get sick. I got some detox tea and have been drinking lots of water to help me get well. I usually still to my peppermint or chai tea, but this detox tea is actually good.  Its somewhat peppery and flowery at the same time. I add a little bit of rock sugar (not enough to make it sweet) and I am good to go.

I didn't even realize they had quotes on them until I opened the third bag. Oops.

On another note, I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th!!! I celebrated at home with Ruby since I really wasn't feeling up to it. Thank God, for a George Foreman grill so at least I can say I had grilled hot dogs with spicy mustard LOL.

Happy 4th of July :)

So I mentioned a few post back about some projects I was collecting supplies for. Well one of the projects that I want to do is to make my own curtains. I got the stuff I need to drill in the walls so I can hang them up, but I am still thinking/hunting for the fabric I want to use. That is the hard part surprisingly. Any ideas? My couches are grey--I was thinking white, with silver mesh of some sort on top? I might be sitting on this for a while ha.

This is all I got. Don't judge.
And finally a couple of pics from my trip to the Bahamas!!! I would have usually gotten to this a lot sooner, but I guess getting/being sick does that to you. Thumbs down to the sickness.

Me and my brother and sister watching the sunset

03 July 2014

Happy Thursday

Well this whole week I have been in a serious funk. Getting up at 4 AM for no reason and already thinking about sleep by 8. Today I woke up feeling motivated so I am about to head out to get some supplies for a couple of projects I want to work on. More details on those later. But for now, here are some photos that I took of my fellow bloggers. Every time I take photos I learn something new and I am already itching for a new lens. Both of these ladies are so pretty and have great fashion sense. Something I need to work on! ;) Don't worry I will get there!